Weird Secrets Revealed by Mandolin

I am about to tell you some weird facts about myself. If you can make it to the end, I would like for you to do this as well.

  • I dance in my mirror. (When someone walks by my bedroom door I stand casually, but when they get far enough away I go right back to my little dance party.)
  • I am obsessed with cutely colored Sharpies. (Arent we all?)
  • I talk to my dog when I am alone. (I mean come on, who else is there to talk to?)
  • I take way to many selfies.(More than one a day sometimes…)
  • My biggest fear is rolling uncontrollably down a steep hill and crashing.
  • I hate public bathrooms.(Especially if they have more than one stall.)
  • I sit on the edge of my chair. (Most of the time I don’t fall.)
  • I used to have the underside of my hair dyed dark purple.
  • I loved worms as a kid. (I would hold them and carry them around.)
  • I take photos and share them on picsart. (Shameless self-promotion.)

The link to the pictures on picsart is HERE.


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